Dates in short format

Hello @sam ,
I’d like to add my support to the proposed changes in the link below.
I struggle to differentiate Mar 16 (posted last month) from Mar `16 (posted 3 years ago) on this forum. I am a non-dyslexic regular user and if I struggle then I imagine many others do too.
In fact I dont need to imagine as I regularly see (usually new) users replying to very old messages as if they were current.
It must be a dissatisfying first experience of the forum.

I personally frequently get caught out when clicking on post suggestions at the bottom of other posts.


Here is one of many recent examples of a new user replying to a 5 year old thread

I moved the new replies and comments to a new thread.

OK. Is there a template which would allow Mcneel to change the date format across the forum? Old threads remain relevant and are rightly highlighted in search and in ‘related thread’ suggestions but the current formatting is very confusing.

I think Mar 2016 vs Mar 16 is the best compromise

I have no idea how to do that.
Instead, I moved to replies to a new topic and locked the old 2014 thread.

The thread I linked to gives some format strings but doesnt say how to use them and seems to refer to searching rather than templating.

Good workaround for this instance but doesn’t fix the general ongoing bug. Hopefully @sam and co will find an elegant solution to this…

I agree, I also sometimes need to look twice to realize it’s not the day of that month but the year.

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