DataTree; Find Path Length c#

Hello! Another basic question. Is there a way to find the lenght of each branch/path of the data tree?
I need to create forloops based on that.
Example: DataTree something with paths {i;j;k}[m]; with variables representing max number.
for…n<something.branch(k).Count How can I do this?

Very easy. Either post something or I’ll post some abstract stuff.

For instance a primitive 3rd path dim counter (or skip the List and just return the Count):

Anyway get this intro thingy (see Dice3): (125.3 KB)

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As always, thank you very much! Though sometimes I find deciphering what you are saying more complicated that finding noob workarounds. :cry: :cry: :joy:

Walking that walk is a tough thingy. Meditation/3rd eye stuff blah, blah is a must.

BTW: I do hope that you are talking about a random Tree where you don’t know a thing or two about path dimensions. Otherwise avoid using the bazooka VS the mosquito.

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