DataOutput / DataInput not working over multiple instances of Rhino

I’m using a DataOut component to gather the parameter for an energy simulation, then run the simulation in another Grasshopper definition and read the results back in via DataInput.

This works fine if both definitions are open in the same Rhino, but not across multiple instances.
Any ideas why? I’m using Honeybee for the simulation.

The reason I want to do this is for parallelization.


Probably this is a question for @DavidRutten :wink:

Most likely it’s the file path to data out/in file. All parties must refer to the same path/folder.

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@Joseph_Oster Thanks, but the paths are correct as far as I can see.

What happens when you use multiple instances?

It shouldn’t matter, but there are synchronisation differences when using two rhinos. Does it take a long time to write the data?

Thanks for your reply @DavidRutten!
That part looks like it’s fine. I’m now suspecting that it’s something to do with Honeybee.

Specifically, I now get this error message from Honeybee’s “exportToOpenStudio” component:

C:\Users\jenkins\git\OpenStudio\openstudiocore\src\model\RunPeriodControlSpecialDays.cpp@244 : 'G' is not correctly formatted

I’ve also asked about this on the Ladybug forum.