Datagridview default error dialog - VisualARQ

Hi everyone,

I’am trying to export my model into .IFC files while using visualarq but it appears this error message.

Anyone can help me. please?

And when i try to save as… ifc files, the command shows “Error saving file…”. This is my file, anyone can look at it and help me, please ?

Thank you so much in advance. Sorry for my bad english.
poutre2d.3dm (186.6 KB)

Hi seisouj,
This problem seems to be related with Geometry Gym (“GGYM.IFC.Ifc.BuildingStorey”). Contact Jon Mirtschin for that.
To export your model to IFC using VisualARQ simply go to File > Save as > and select the IFC file type.
Kind Regards,

Check this one…Datagridview Tutorial