Data Trees Restructuring

Hi everyone!

I am working on a parametric shadow analysis of the group of buildings by using Ladybug tool Sunlight Hours Analysis. So basically it gives me pretty realistic results, though aiming to add an extra condition to it. That condition which excludes or sorts some Sun Vectors when they are parallel or within a range of 0 to 29° to facades (See attachment). In my analysis I am assuming the wall depth and window exists, though analysis doesn’t include it. On one hand i understand why it is not included, that such data has to be obtained after precise interior analysis, but on another hand such approximate exclusion of some minutes for winter hours can be crucial for a general facades analysis.

The analysis run for northern Germany, where according to the unspoken rule of the exposure of facade to the sun equals minimum one hour on 17th of January, therefore what shown as 30min of exposure could be 15min in real and perceived as not applicable for living.

Nevertheless, I am a bit lost in my data and trees. Could someone please help me with that. So basically I have 4 data types and I have to organise them.

  1. Surfaces (facades). I have to check which points from list 2 are belong to which facade.
  2. If yes, then build a data tree which consists of index of the surface with corresponding to it points (as items). That will be starting point of my first vector.
  3. For Sun visibility data I have to cull all „0“-s and replace all „1“-s with corresponding them item from list 4. That will be end point of my Vector 1.
  4. Then I will extract normals of each surface and use them as Vector 2.
  5. As an end result I am expecting to build vectors 1 and 2 (between sun positions (4) and test points (2); normals of surfaces) and find an angle between them in order to filter sun rays. I need that to check that condition for facades insolation…

I would be glad for any help or suggestion.

With best,

Conditions.pdf (12.8 KB) (84.0 KB)

I’m not sure this is accurate, but when you look at your data, it’s questionable whether you can trust 100% of your visibility data first.
As you can see, one completely blocked side is being selected. Also, the data related to roof faces are mixed and it seems to be filtered.
I don’t know if it’s close to what you want, but hope it helps anyway. (98.3 KB)

That’s exactly what i was looking for! I will check it out and hope I will get satisfying results. Thank you very much!