Data trees question


Shouldn’t it be 0’s with 0’s and 1’s with 1’s in this situation? now i believe I have to duplicate data to move it with the right vectors. Or how is this solved?


Very hard to see what’s going on in this screenshot, so correct me if I’m misunderstanding. There are two general approaches here:

  1. duplicate the move vectors and then graft, to match the geometry’s structure
  2. “trim tree” / “shift paths” on the geometry’s structure to push it back to {0},{1}, and then “unflatten” after the move to bring it back to the desired structure

It’s more like duplicate the data to mach the vectors because i need the tree structure of the vectors…

oh. like I said your screenshot is not particularly helpful or clear in understanding your problem! The same approach applies regardless

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but i don’t get the logic from above. should be 0’s with 0’s and 1’s with 1’s, or {0;0} with {0;0} and {1;0} with {1;0} only. if it would be a strict match it would be a lot more clear…