Data tree selection rules not working with notations

I am attaching three images which show how I am trying to use data selection notations to select certain points in a grid of points.
Image 1 shows the selection of the entire 3rd row in this grid
Image 2 shows notation which does not work, here I want to select 3rd row´s last two items that are {4;3} and {5;3}
Image 3 I want to select underlined points…what notation I should use so that x=y?

Please, can anyone suggest me remedies for image 2 and image 3 problems? Thank you

Hope it helps… (12.0 KB)


Thank you for your reply. That works well. I never thought I can create data paths using series component. Very nice approach. Thank you again ! Though I would like to ask you about LAZY component dosent have that with me …

I thought of a different approach also after your idea of constructing paths using concatenate command. Hope this approach is useful for other users too.

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Amazing. That is the beauty of grasshopper , so many ways to solve a problem. This what I encourage students to think different ways to do a same thing.

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