Data Tables head scratching

This is the first time I use a Data Table component.

I can’t find the proper way of formatting the initial “DataTable” and “Set” component to avoid a data matching error message.

Data Table (10.3 KB)

OK, got it : the column header input must be a flat list !

…now : no more error messages, but the data in the second column isn’t displayed :

OK, this time, it works : I had to get rid of the dot in one of my header names

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It looks like the Data Tables headers don’t accept leading or trailing spaces either.
That’s a bummer because I wanted to use a silly trick to adjust the width of the columns using the header lengths, but make sure the data in the cells will always be readable.
Using the cell width sometimes hides the headers, so I figured I’d adjust the text of the header based on the max length of the texts in the cells.
Ideally, the width should be set automatically to the widest of the two (Header / cell).

I tried the ASCI 255 “nbsp” character, and it doesn’t work either.

The data table is basically just one of these, subject to all of its limitations:

If there’s some available option I’m missing feel free to suggest. This is where the column widths are set — I think it pretty much exhausts the built-in possibilities:

Hmm… let me think…


@gankeyu says that there is an “Auto” option too.

Auto 0
The size is based on the contents of both the cells and the column header.

I would be happy to review a pull request adding the option

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wow, don’t know Human UI is open-source. I just sent the PR.

Yay !
How can I get this upgrade ?

Maybe I’m pushing my luck here, but another useful feature would be multi-selection.
The workflow would be as follows :
-First filter my blocks by “Principal” attributes and get the corresponding list in the table
-Second, cherry-pick the blocks I want in the table, and do stuff with these (change attributes, alter name, etc…)

As it is , I can either apply changes to blocks in the whole table, or to one selected item in the table.


And released to yak as v0.8.6. Thanks for the contribution, keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

Err… how does that translate in terms of “press a button and get the stuff” ?

TestPackageManager / PackageManager

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Thanks, I wasn’t aware of this procedure.

It seems that the DataGrid Class allows to set column colors.

This would be useful in my project to visually segregate properties for blocks.
Ex : Blue for material properties, Green for geometric properties, Red for building code-related properties, etc…

It seems possible also to retrieve multiple row selections.

This would allow the user to select multiple block names from the table and perform property changes, selection and then deletion of instances, …

DataTable permits a lot of things. :laughing:

Ha ! And would you say it it within your capabilities to add these two features ?