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Is it possible to have a different width for each column in a DataTable? I’ve tried adding a value for each one of them but all I got was X number of time the table duplicated.

Also I’m missing the data in the 3rd and 5th columns

which appear in the Lunchbox > Write to excel file component, so the data should be ok (tried latin characters but the issue seems not to be in the cyrillic text)

Also is there a way to size the columns both to header and to cells depending on which one is needed in the occasion
e.g. here I have it set to Size to Cell but the header text is unreadable as its longer, but once i set the size to header i start missing cell info.

no sorry, those are your options currently.

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And do you happen to have any idea why 3rd and 5th columns’ data doesn’t appear?

The dot (.) in the column names was the problem that data in those columns didn’t appear if anybody is having this issue


in the latest version, you have an “auto” option :