Data structure problem

Hi Forum,

I think this is simply a path mapping problem that I can’t figure out and i can’t code unfortunately. I am using Sandbox’s Mesh Topo Edge component, which provides me with a list of mesh edges and their adjacent faces. However i would need just the opposite; Adjacent edges of each of faces.

Thanks! (5.8 KB)

like this? (15.0 KB)

Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed.

It’s embarassing, but now I am immediately facing a new problem, so I hope I can ask again; I would need 2 (or 1) adjacent faces of each of the edges that I am now able to get. Something similar to what mesh topo component does but including the duplicated edges (for each face separately).

I hope I explained it well enough. Thank you again!

just use that list as a path. (13.5 KB)

Very helpful, thank you!