Data Structure Issue

Hi There,

I’ve received a wind tunnel model from a sub contractor and it’s structured so that the external facade is broken down into panels, each with a unique ‘name’ parameter and placed on a layer that denotes the pressure acting upon it.

What I want to be able to do is take our support locations (columns and beams) and then find the places where the supports intersect with the wind tunnel model and split the panels. All the while (and this is tricky bit) retaining the embedded pressure data (layer name) and unique identifier.

The end goal is to take the split panels, their areas and relative pressures, and calculate the load at the supports.

It sounds really simple in principle but by god i’m struggling with it. I’ve included the mock-up version i’m working to. Any thoughts as to how this might be achieved? Potentially I could do it a lot simpler by splitting the surfaces natively in Rhino and then calculating the loads but I have quite a few different models to get through so thought something parametric might save me some time (not so sure on that anymore!)

Cheers (136.4 KB)