Data separated in a decent way

This works, but how to do it in a decent way (17.2 KB)

You do realise you are operating on text right, not actual curves? When you run a curve into a Text Panel, it becomes text like “closed curve”. All the actual geometric data is gone.

I don’t think it matters for this specific question which is about data-management (so the data type is probably irrelevant), but you have to be careful with panels.

EDIT: well actually it is pretty hard to see whether or not it worked, because all the text is either “Curve” or “Closed curve”, making it nearly impossible to see (a) what you were after and (b) whether a different approach does the same thing. It’s like testing a sorting algorithm on the set (A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A). Like, no matter how you re-order it, it always looks the same.

Oh dear! As David said, your Data param doesn’t contain curves at all, just text.


Sorry I made a bit of confusion, then I managed to simplify and make everything faster with only section curves.
To handle the lists I found absolutely essential the “vuTreeList” module created by Joseph Oster