Data matching / Sweep problem


(Sauvineau Florent) #1


I’m working on a Gh definition of a curvy shape building. The main problem is about the structure. I want a complete control on depth and height of every post-beam, but the sweep doesn’t work (at all for some lines, badly for the other one…). Here’s attached the rhino + gh files. Any idea of what is not working out? Thanks !

Florent BIC.3dm (66.0 KB) (24.3 KB)

(Michael Pryor) #2

Your data matches fine. The problem is your logic of the sections. Sweep won’t be able to figure that out.

(Sauvineau Florent) #3

Ok thanks! I’ll try in an other way then !


This could be a workaround for you. (30.1 KB)

(Sauvineau Florent) #5

Indeed, a way more efficient script, thanks a lot for your help !!