Data Mapping (Small Tree to Large Tree)


I have what seems to be a simple data-tree problem.

I have data tree called Lukes Awesome Data of {A;B;C}(i), where: A are rectangles, B is the rectangle faces (either front or back), and then C are grouped points related to those faces.

For example {0;0;0}(4) refers to the first rectangle, on the front-face, with the first group of points (which refer to the four corners of the rectangle). I have five groupings of points per face i.e the path_count of C is five.

This structure is important to my script, but I quite often break it down to do some transformations and then rebuild it. I’m at a point where I want to assign geometry from a datatree called Daves Lame Geometry to these point groupings. Davids Lame Geometry contains five different geometry on one branch:

Daves Lame Geometry: {A}(i) where item_count is equal to 5

I would like it to be applied to each of the five paths at the third-level of Lukes Awesome Data, i.e.:

Geometry A should be applied to all (i) points within {A;B;0}
Geometry B should be applied to all (i) points within {A;B;1}

Geometry E should be applied to all (i) points within {A;B;4}

Such that Geometry A is applied all values across the different branches: {0;0;0}, {0;1;0}, {0;2;0}{0;99;0}, no matter how many rectangles there end up being.

I thought if I Grafted the data in Lukes Awesome Data so each point was on its own branch {A;B;C;i}, and I remapped Daves Lame Geometry to → {A;B;i}, that the mapping would assume I want to apply the geometry at that grouping level, rather than the individual level:

Geometry A {0;0;0} → Point Grouping #1 {0;0;0;0}, {0;0;0;1}{0;0;0;4}
Geometry B {0;0;1} → Point Grouping #2 {0;0;1;0}, {0;0;1;1}{0;0;1;4}

In hindsight it was a silly assumption on my part. Instead I am trying to recreate Daves Lame Geometry to match Lukes Super Awesome Data, which I thought I could do with duplicating the data, so that Daves Lame Geometry would look like:

{0;0;0} :
Geometry A
Geometry A
Geometry A
Geometry A
{0;0;1} :
Geometry B
Geometry B


But for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out which combination of Longest List and Duplicate Data to use. Longest List seems to work initially, but then doesn’t wrap the way I expect it to. I think others have had this problem too, but I’m not sure if I’m Googling/Searching for the correct terms to bring up any solutions?

Any suggestions would be fantastic!



So I found a solution using Duplicate Data to Match (Dup) from Elefront.


I don’t quite understand the logic, but essentially it repeats Daves Lame Geometry to match the number of branches in Lukes Awesome Data, flips the tree from {A;B;C;D}(i){A;B;C;(i)} (I think it inherits the data-structure from the Length L input, hence why its not {A}(i) anymore), which is why it needs to be simplified it back into {(i}}. From there you can use Lukes Awesome Data as a guide input for Duplicate Data Match, to correctly duplicate Daves Lame Geometry across the indexes of each branch, which is the bit I don’t entirely understand how it works.

It would be nice to know how to recreate the Duplicate Data Match without using Elefront though, or another solution to this problem (even an explanation for how Duplicate Data Match works would be nice!).

Hope this helps somebody!


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