Data management after joining catenary curves

I am currently working on joining offset structural frame lines so I can extrude them. At the mean time, I had some problem with my data management. I created catenary curves from a number of radial lines, yet, when I joined them the tree structure changed, which causes problem when I try to intersect lines in the later part of the script.

Is there a way to solve this?

Thank you.

structural (22.3 KB)

A drawing of what you try to achieve will help. I can’t figure out what you’re after.


Thanks for replying. The photos below is what I am trying to achieve


Instead of struggling with data tree, one solution could be to trace all your lines (parametrically), then use clipper to offset polylines (or lines). Then make surfaces and extrude. (using native GH component for offset you will have hard times… use clipper instead.) (11.4 KB)


Thanks! This way its faster as well!