Data loss when opening autocad drawings, inspection

While waiting for BlenderBIM to mature I thought of Rhino as the best alternative to doing BIM on projects still run in AutoCAD. It would be much easier however if there was some way to tell what objects from .dwg files could have been lost when opening them in Rhino.

I’ve seen AutoCAD’s dynamic blocks get badly distorted (coming up 100 times larger, “data attributes” appearing as an “xxxx” placeholder value). Some viewports are shifted to the left/right from the sheet. I will try to list other issues further down the line.

If there was some way to inspect what data was lost during opening/importing/linking that would be really helpful.

Hi Daniel -
When Rhino cannot read objects from a DWG file, that information is printed on the command line.
If that information doesn’t help, what would?