Data from an online questionnaire

Hello! For a research project, I will have to get some parameters from the answers of a web questionnaire. I’d like some hints on how to begin. Thank you!

What is the relation from the questionnaire and rhino/grasshopper?

Does the questionnaire already exist?
(Is that a php/javascript to sql database? or what?)

It is possible to “launch” GET url requests through a c# script, but a server needs to be set up accordingly.

Just… do you have some more details?
(your post are just 2 rows of text…)

@maje90 you’re right, I was too synthetic. The questionnaire does not exist yet, but I’ve got a pretty clear idea of how it should work. The aim is gathering information about buildings which belong/are lived by the customers. An example:
PersonX logs in and wants to edit some infos about his house. He will see questions like:

How tall is your building?
A. h < 4mt
B. 4m < h < 7m
C. h > 8m

What is the distance from surrounding buidings?
A. no distance
B. d < 0.15m
C. 0.15m < d < 1m
D. d > 1m

I need a file (probably one file for each account?) to “react” to the answers,and generate a customized model (obviously, a very, very simple model)


Do you know about the existence of ShapeDiver?
It’s a grasshopper plugin that lets you generate geometries from the web and such.
I’ve never used it, but in this context I must point it to you.
Go take a look:
Probably you can avoid a lot of trouble if you use a premade tool.


Well… Grasshopper would be the last step of the process. Not?

Grasshopper can retrieve data from almost any sources enough easily, but they have to be accessible sources.
Your source doesn’t exist!
When (and if) you’ll have a webserver that make the questionnaires and store the results, you can send simple data to an active session of rhino+grasshopper (actually it will be grasshopper retrieving it from the server) and make geometries with that.
Then those geometries will stay on that system, or you can export them into files or something similar…

Grasshopper is not a place to make a web questionnaire.

If you want to make a web questionnaire you should first create the webpage that contain it.
And it should have a ready method to retrieve the data. (All of this is outside rhino+grasshopper context).

Find some other plugin similar to ShapeDiver or wait for other opinions here.