Data conversion failed from Surface to Rectangle

hello everyone, im trying to to use the same commands of the rectangular box, but with an existing surface in rhino, but an error appeared and i dont know how i can fix this.

this is what i try to achieve, i started it with a rectangular in grasshopper

but know i changed it to a surface with the same commands but it appeared like this

this is the error msg

and this is the grasshopper file! (21.4 KB)

thank you waiting for your help!

You need to internalize data , and R input must be a curve or a flat surface

how can i do it with a non flat surface?

Your surface is missing

thank you, but what i meant i want the surface to be touching the plane just like this.

Is there any reason you can’t use the standard GH Offset Surface?


And it appears your surface is not internalized?


I don’t understand your description and thought examining the model might help but it won’t work without these missing pieces.