Data conversion failed from ( simple rectangle extrusion ) brep to surface!

I’m trying to create a louvre façade and in doing so, I need to locate a number of points on a surface and get their normals using “Evaluate Surface” component.

But the “Surface Closest Point” component is not accepting a simple rectangle extrusion. I can get past this by using “Brep Closest Point” but the only component that I have found so far that gives me the normals of those points is the “Evaluate Surface” component.

I tried deconstructing the brep and extracting all it’s faces which the “Surface Closest Point” components accepts but the “Evaluate Surface” gives me 6 sets of results ( for each face ) and there’s no way separating each set of points for their face.

I appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

Correct, as designed, those components expect a surface, not “a simple rectangle extrusion” (polysurface)

Use the Boundary surface instead of Extr (Extrude).

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Thank you for the response. How can I create single boundary surface of these 4 walls using the floor rectangle as an input?

As I said before, use the Boundary surface you already have, before you extrude it.

I need to locate the points on vertical surfaces ( all 4 sides ), not on the horizontal rectangle while it’s lying on the ground.

This is not a true solution but for anyone encountering this problem in the future, if you add a fillet radius to the original rectangle, anything above 0, the “Surface Closest Point” component accepts the extrusion as a surface.