Data conversion failed from Revit Host Type to Component Type

Hi, I am a beginner to use Rhino inside Revit.
My problem is when I input the type of geometry into the [add Component (location)] component then it shows [Data conversion failed from Revit Host Type to Component Type]. I really don’t know how to solve this issue. Need Help!

This might happen if you are trying to input Floor/Wall/Roof type etc. What are you trying to add?

Hi Suoao,

What family are you trying to place? the ‘Revit Host Type’ is a system family, like a wall.

To query various types you can use the Query Types component.

Hi Japhy, Thank you for your replying. Very appreciate. I am trying to learn how to put the rhino model into Revit, but the only I can do is just to put the data into Revit. I do not know how to change the rhino model shape in Revit. then I met the problem like this. I tried to use Query Types, but it still can not work on my laptop, when I try to input the name into [Type Name], the new problem shows like this picture.

Thank you for your replying. I am just trying to change the shape of the rhino model in Revit. then the problem show like this. I do not know how to put a shapeable rhino model into Revit.

It really hard to tell exactly what you are doing from the information provided.

Please see our getting started guide for particulars of Rhino to Revit and Revit to Rhino workflows.

For more detailed help please follow the general guidelines, help us help you.