Dashed line becomes full line at certain angles

Well, as the title says. In rendered mode, a dashed line becomes a full line in a certain angle when trying to look into the direction of where the line is going. See here:

And when I rotate just a tiny bit:

Oh, I just noticed it also happens in shaded and wireframe, but at a “sharper” angle:

Hello - so far that does not happen here - does it make any difference if you change the state of the setting in Options > View > OpenGL > "GPU tessellation’ ?


Strange. I changed the state and I get the problem both with GPU tessellation enabled and disabled. Have you tried in Rendered mode? There it’s the easiest to recreate it…

Try this file. 171112 Dashed line rendered.3dm (23.7 KB)

When I open it, I see this:

And when I rotate a bit around I get this:

Hello - thanks - when I open your file it looks correct (maximized view, 4k monitor) but if I restore the view to a 4 view layout, it looks like what you’re showing. Which makes me think that, maybe, this is by design, if not perfectly adjusted. I’ll get it on the pile… Zooming out has the same effect.


Glad you can recreate it. I seem to run into this issue a lot of times lately. Mainly in Rendered mode, when I try to take a quick screenshot to discuss with a customer…
It seems to be related with the length of the line and if that are other lines with the same linetype further.

In this file: 171212 Dashed line rendered.3dm (32.9 KB)

I see the lines like this:

Now, when I rotate until I only see the two closest lines to the camera and not the two furthest away:

Hmm- fooling around with this a bit more, I can make the lines ‘solid’ even if very close to the camera by making the lens angle large/ lens length short. If I then delete the far lines, the near ones draw correctly… at least that is something to go on - thanks for the file.


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