Dandelion Flower

I am planning to make a script of Dandelion Flower (A simple one)

I am totally new to the grasshopper

My plans are as follows to proceed in GH:-

  • Create a sphere
  • Tessellate multiple Circles on surface
  • Divide Circles to get Points.
  • Use L-Systems to the target points

I know i sound very immature but truly i am new and need a smart way to do it.

Any help will really help me a lot.

I think a creating a geodesic mesh sphere would be a simpler way of getting an evenly distributed set of points. You can then orient your fractal system to each of the vertices of that mesh. Check the attached file.

You will need weaver bird for the geodesic sphere. I am also using a component by Namju Lee that uses L-Systems to generate the “trees”, but you can make your own geometry or use any other method.

download it here:

Dandelion Flower.gh (9.0 KB)

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Thanks for your reply I will check and revert !!


Your scripts works like a charm.
But what i want is defined control over the tree.

I have Attached an Image have a check

I apologize i should have posted it earlier to give you an better Idea.

I want this to be done because i am going to make this in Actual Scale and same shape/size modules are required to make it work practically.

Im not sure exactly how you want to connect the target points from the sphere (straight line? curvature?) anyway here is something to get you started. Dandelion Flower.gh (11.2 KB)

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I tried opening your Script but i guess i am missing some component can you please tell me which plugin is used for that.

I have tried something on my end its dumb but please have a check
also i have attached reference image of what i am trying to make like in rhino file.

Dendilion Flower Script.gh (22.2 KB)
Dandelion Flower.3dm (53.4 KB)

You might need this to work incase you don’t have this component, its to split a series of segments at their intersection points. (ShInt.rar (7.8 KB)
Shatter Component)

I think your aproach is way too complex for what you are trying to achieve.

Evaluate surface is native to grasshopper. I had saved it from Rhino6 but it seems your are on rhino5 and the component GUID must be different. Here is a rhino 5 version. this should work. Dandelion Flower.gh (12.3 KB)

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Thanks a lot

I never knew that it could be this simple and smart, your script works perfect.

You were very help full.

Thank you so much once again.