Damped table simulation KANGAROO 2


I’d like to arrange a simulation of a pivoted table constrained to a basement and moved by a torsion spring. , the table is pivoted in one side , its subject to the torsion spring torque which is acting against its weight,
When released and if the force of the spring is larger that the weight force the table will move upward.

the speed vs angle depend os several factors but the only ones that i want to consider for the time being are :

CASE A : weight , spring torque
CASE B : weight , spring torque and damping brake characteristic as shown in the graph below

My goal would be to arrange an animation base on these three factors , the contribution of these factors is obtained by crvs drafted in to a graph such as this below

the difficult part is the dumper is not linear , i.e not position dependant but rather speed dependant, I have a family of dampers which are defined as graph above, i have a given geometry ( i,e. weight ) and i would like to adjust spring characteristic in the graph and , given a certain dumper curve choosen from the set of crvs, id like to have a clue of the speed and movement behaviour…the questions are “will the table reach its upward position ?” how will it move ?

I should interpolate the dumping behavoir depending on the choosen curv while running the simulation and i don’t know if there is a way to do it with KANGAROO 2

if anyone can show me the direction i appreciate

20240606 DAMPED TABLE.gh.3dm (261.3 KB)
20240606 DAMPED TABLE.gh (23.6 KB)