Cylinder under internal pressure

Hello Guys

please tell me how to solve the following problem in caramba, it is necessary to determine the stresses and displacements
I created definitions in caramba, but the results do not match the reference ones, taking into account the error

Analytical solution: R.J. Roark et W.C. Young, Formulas for stress and strain, 5e edition, New York, McGraw-Hill, 1975.


R = 1 м;
h = 0.02 м;
L = 4 м
Material characteristic: E = 2.1 x 1011 Pa, ν = 0.3.
Boundary conditions: Without restraints.
Loads: Internal pressure p = 10000 Pa.



Hello @AlexWer,
try to define the support differently so that they do not constrain the deformation: support e.g. all nodes on the lower boundary vertically, one of these nodes additionally against translations in X- and Y-direction and rotation about the global Z-axis.
– Clemens