Cylinder to points


Is it possible to create a best fit cylinder to a number of points that define the surface


Hi Roger- one thought - if you can establish a base plane somehow- Project some or all of the points to this plane and then use the FitToPoints option on Cylinder to set the base circle.


Somehow I seem to remember that a long time ago, Jarek posted an iterative script for doing this… Maybe wrong though…


Hi Pascal

I need a proper best fit of a cylinder taking all points into account and not projecting a cylinder from one end of data.

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Hi Roger,

using the Cylinder command with FitToPoints option will give you a cylinder which may not be a best fit, but it gives rich information to proceed. eg. Orient the CPlane perpendicular to the seam of the cylinder, then project all points in this plane as Pascal suggested. Create a circle with FitPoints option, extrude the circle, the height is the height of the BoundingBox containing all Points.

Does this method take all points into account better ?