Cycles worse than months ago still unsable

The latest wip:
When I rotate a screen in raytraced mode the screen turns completely white and I can no longer see to where I am rotating to. This is worse than the dust and makes cycles completely unusable.
Again why can’t you switch to another rendering mode for rotations and panning then switch back to cycles when the mouse button is released, rotating or panning is completely non functional for me.

No cast shadows no matter what settings I try and this has been happening in all the wips for the last few months.

For me Cycles is useless on any medium or large scenes and I have a new computer. Regular rendered mode is still better. If the cycles mode can’t be used for modeling what is it good for? If it’s for presentation it’s really poor and Lightscape on 10 year old hardware highly out preforms cycles. In lightscape it’s true you had to calculate your scene but after that you had fully textured lit model that always was raytraced quality with never a degradation when panning or rotating into dust. If cycles is for presentation then it should have this option like lightscape had to precalculate and store the rendering data to a low level or raytrace that doesn’t degrade then let the higher raytracting and rendering begin once the mouse is released or not at all if the user doesn’t need it.


Well, I understand your frustration and on my machine Cycles also doesn’t refresh fast enough during camera moves to show me anything except white, but clearly Cycles is not meant as a modelling mode. It’s a visualisation mode.

I do not understand how this would work. A lot of the effects are camera angle dependent and cannot be re-used from one camera position to the next. Anything to do with reflections or refractions will have to be calculated anew, and even direct lighting will need to be recomputed if a finer level of detail is required because of zooming. That’s not even to speak of compound effects such as when a refracting or reflecting surface acts as a lens and indirectly shows a very detailed blowup of part of the model which would otherwise be very small. Throw in camera effects such as fog or depth-of-field and the idea that you could reuse any part of a previous view becomes ludicrously complicated.

I also noticed that the current Cycles no longer recognises my AMD card, and does all its work on the CPU.

Command: RhinoCycles_ListDevices
We have 1 device
	Device 0: CPU > Intel Core i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz > 0 | False | True | False | CPU

@DavidRutten, in case your AMD card is GCN1, it will no longer work with cycles. I’ve written about that here. In my case GPU render speed was very good before, but in current releases, the speed dropped by a factor of 600 (no joke). Sadest about that is that all scenes i have prepared using GPU with the WIP render different now using CPU. Rendering using CPU us much slower and the view does not update during navigation, similar to what @3dsynergy reports. I’m not planning to render with cycles anymore.

On the GPU side, the new meshing optimisations are non existent for AMD, i have 6 times the shaded display speed without enabling it.