Cycles User Manual

Is there a users manual for Cycles? Or, does anyone know of a good non Rhino Cycles video tutorial that would be relevant to the Rhino version of Cycles?

I’ve just started using Cycles and I’m very impressed but to do simple things like open a material in the Material Editor and see the bump maps or whatever stumps me. I’ve loaded a concrete material that was recently offered here in the Material Library and I’d like to access the bitmap, see how it’s being used as a bump (if it is), etc. And I can’t see how to do that.

Thanks in advance.

There’s lots out there for using Cycles in Blender but none of it will directly relate to using Cycles in Rhino. The Cycles project is also still in active development so many things may not work or how they work will change. All and all, the short answer is there isn’t a manual or set of tutorials to point you towards. As soon as Cycles gets closer to completed in Rhino (no idea at all on when this could be) I’ll be making some videos. It’s a great engine and I’m hoping we can add similar controls to what is available in Blender. I know the goal is a super simple UI which might mean it’ll be limited for pro users.

Post a file though with specific questions and I can help more using the latest WIP.

There is no manual for Cycles because there aren’t any Cycles specific controls. Everything you have mentioned is native to Rhino - and exactly the same as the RhinoRenderer.

Take a look at the documentation for the material editor in the Rhino help.

  • Andy