Cycles Raytraced image sampling quality

Hi Nathan,
Take a look at the image sampling in OpenGL here:

And then the same view in Raytraced mode here:

On images where the texture pixle size is small then Cycles are as good as or better than OpenGL.

Raytraced (Cycles):

Rendered (OpenGL):

Decals are currently baked into the material, which is done at a set resolution. This unfortunately results in effective lower sampling rate. On my todo-list this is covered by issues RH-33780 and RH-33783.

Thanks for reporting, though :slight_smile:


Hi Nathan, thanks for another quick reply.
Just to make sure: This is not a decal by Rhino’s definition, but a “picture material” applied to the plane.

I just upscaled the texture by 2.5x in Photoshop and then the result looks like this:


Hmm, so what is the original resolution for the texture in picture material? We’re currently using Linear interpolation for textures, I imagine that we should try other interpolations as well, probably Cubic would be a good start, but also see if Closest or Smart give better results.

I opened RH-39827 to track this. Could you attach the board and (original smaller) texture as simplified model so we can use this as test?



Sure thing!
Save all files to same folder and have a blast :wink:

TexLargeAndSmall.3dm (1.2 MB)


Nice language BTW, even a Swede can read and understand the text. :sunglasses:

// Rolf


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Aha, that explains your grand likability! :smiley:
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@Holo, this was fixed through some other bug report. The YT I created for this thread was In the end it turned out that I had swapped width and height during texture evaluation.

Can you verify for me with latest V6?

@Holo, pokepoke. Please verify and report.

Ah, sorry… This was reported with the cycles plugin so it has to wait until you have a new one for me :wink: :smiley:
(but in raytraced mode it looks nothing short of stellar. The sampling is really good!)


Good. You wait for the plug-in while I in the meantime close the old bug report ^.^

:rofl: Perfect!

How is the waiting coming along btw?

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I smoke, drink, lie and have terrible nightmares,
but other than that I am doing good as I can as long as I can talk about it every now and then… :wink:

Regarding Decals:
Will Raytraced be upgraded to better handle high res decals in the near future?

It is on my list after clipping planes. Depending on the pervasivity of changes it is either 6.x or WIP.

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