Cycles question - Text or logo on metal or plastic

In Maxwell we create a material ink layer for a logo texture or text. In Cycles how do you add text to a material (say onto metal or plastic) ?

In Rhino you’d add a decal. But note that in Rhino a decal will get the property of the material it is on. So a decal on a metal will look metallic, etc. The decal colors will be combined into what goes into the base color.

Ok, how would you do white matte ink text on a shinny black plastic product ? … or black ink text on a glass bottle ?

I would do that with textures driving the different channels: base color, roughness, opacity.

Here one way where I also do the logo embossed:

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Ok, so the ink can’t be on the base color, because that’s how we control the color of the glass (?). If it’s a PNG with transparency makes the rest of it disappear. So how do we make black ink on glass. Is still don’t see it. What about white ink on a black surface.

So in this example for instance, how would apply black matte text on the green shinny glass tube ?
Text and (136.7 KB)

You can have the ink on the base color texture. You just also need a texture to control opacity (glass or not) and shininiess (roughness).

In the video you should see how I do different color and different material type through textures in different channels.

Texture in metallic channel: 0.0 (black) = no metallic, 1.0 (white) = metallic. Texture in roughness channel: 0.0 = smooth/glossy/reflective (but not in a metallic way), 1.0 = completely rough. In general each channel driven by a scalar: 0.0 = none of the property it drives, 1.0 = fully the property it drives. But I think you already know this if you’ve worked with PBR textures before.

edit: I haven’t checked your example yet, will look at that later today.

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Got it working. The texture wasn’t even sowing up earlier. I get these micro glitches with texture mapping widgets where you move them around and the viewport is not showing anything and you can’t find where the logo is. After some fiddling the view started showing the image.