Cycles Quality Settings have no effect

hello to everyone,

quality settings in the render tab have no effect on the renderer, neither in rhino 6 nor 7. only the predefined samples in the advanced properties are applied. so i have to change it manually all the time. maybe i messed up some settings. i am not sure where the prob is as i see it working with others…

render quality

and what is the override function in sessions about? it also seems to have no effect nowhere.
advanced settings

sidenotes: i am also missing the “useFastDraw” option in advanced properties which makes navigating in the raytraced viewport way more responsive. this should be default.
cycles is soooo slow in rhino 7. viewCaptureToFile also takes hours to open.

thx in advance,

Hi CJ - the Override checkbox does set the full render max samples here. Can you verify?


hi Pascal,

the override works but once checked it stays overriden even after unchecking again. so unchecking has no effect. the value in the document props is then permanently ignored.

but the quality settings in the render tab have no effect at all!
hope this makes it more clear.


by the way, concerning speed and quality… this is what i get with the pure defaults, 500 smpls on amd radeon pro 560