Cycles: panoramic renders and projected video textures?

Hi @nathanletwory,

my client ask for panorama renderings where a part of the scene should show a video projected to a structured wall. Some questions:

Is it possible to render panoramas (for VR tours) per Cycles?
Is it possible to use video textures?
And is it possible to project video textures?


In theory with Cycles yes. In Rhino no, as that hasn’t been hooked up - there is no GUI to put it behind and Rendered mode doesn’t do it

With Bongo I one can I believe. Is that correct @marika_almgren ?

What does this mean?

I would like to use a mp4 for a light source and project the video to a wall.

Well, it would work like a regular bitmap texture in the emission channel. Maybe better would be to put it as a texture on a transparent object with a light source behind it. In the end it is probably better to fake it and use texture mapping with the video texture set to no repeat (assuming that is possible), then map it to the wall where you want it to be projected. If you need to show somehow the projector as well with indication of it projecting to the wall you would do a second texture mapping on the projector lense or somesuch.

Bongo doesn’t support mp4 yet, but you can transcode it to that what is supported. I believe AVI at least.

So everything is possible, with the exception of panoramic render.

I have added this thread to the existing YouTrack report RH-60910 Support panorama camera

Thank you for the detailed information.

A panorama camera support could be basic and simple, only a “panoramic” flag options needs to be added to the output options which you could use for Cycles. Or do you need more?


It is not just an output option, but a camera type. Something that needs to be properly considered from format to GUI to ensure it doesn’t get slapped on in a way that paints us into a corner thinking of future extensions/features (fisheye camera, etc.).

Since it is a bigger change it won’t happen for 7, but might for 8.

At VfR it’s a quite simple drop down option. Couldn’t for a quick progess two option be added - “Standard” and “Panorama” and later the menu could get more options if needed? For me a drop down menu looks like a small addition only. :wink:


I’m not talking about the complexity of the GUI. The simpler the better. But there is more work than just adding a button in the GUI.

And as you can see here, it is a setting in the camera, not in the output. In other words, it is a different camera type.