Cycles only at 26% cpu and a transparency bug

Hi, I am testing out the Cycles viewport and see that if I set Cycles to use the CPU and sets it to use all 24 threads I only get 26% CPU use:

As you also can see the transparency of the glass (v5 material) is off.

In comparison you can see that the Rhino render (V6) is both faster and has much better reflections and transparency:

Hm, that was strange, now it runs on 100% and is just as fast as the “render”.

But reflection and transparency is still lacking.

Ah, sorry for missing this thread! Perhaps better late than never?

Anyway, I’ve been working on reflections and transparency during the begin of 2016, but that is still not quite complete. Currently working on ViewCaptureTo* command support for the Raytraced view, then I’ll continue with materials and viewport responsiveness.