Cycles for Rhino

There is no benchmark specifically for Cycles for Rhino / Raytraced. It’d be a fun thing to have, but since lot of the integration has been in great state of flux it hasn’t made much sense yet. I feel I’m getting at where the integration should be though, so maybe something to look into soon.


Cycles for Rhino will use CUDA processing ?
CPU processing is really slow in Blender Cycles…

Yes, CUDA support has been enabled since the beginning, and it is possible to use AMD GPUs through OpenCL as well.

Hey Nathan. Could you explain how to install the nodes?
copying to components folder doesn’t work.
Thanks. Noam

Did you do it as explained (very briefly) at ?

is the amd gpu used automatically, or does this have to be enabled somewhere?

Currently still manual stuff:

RhinoCycles_ListDevices & RhinoCycles_SelectDevice

Also, if you have a FirePro or RX card you may want to set environment variable:


like described here :relaxed:


Testing Raytraced (cycles) here for the first time with an Nvidia gtx1070 equipped laptop.
Here are the problems I ran into :

-Unable to assign any type of procedural or bitmap material : I get an error message stating “Error: could not process material change - attributes not found”
-The “Shadow intensity” in light settings is not taken into account
-Many View settings like “ambient color” have no effect ; lots of options don’t seem relevant to this view mode and should therefor be at least greyed-out for the sake of clarity.
-Raytraced view settings can be changed but randomly go back to default

While this seems promising, it looks like there’s still a lot of bug squishing and interface tuning to do.


[quote=“osuire, post:94, topic:16632”]
Testing Raytraced (cycles) here for the first time with an Nvidia gtx1070 equipped laptop.Here are the problems I ran into [/quote]

What build are you using?

I cannot reproduce. All procedural textures I tried work just fine, bitmap textures too.

Correct. I am leaning towards not supporting shadow intensity, because the concept doesn’t make sense in a renderer like Cycles anyway.

Probably worth going over all settings prior to release and see if they can be hidden/greyed out, indeed.

If you’re talking about settings like Surface Isocurves, Surface Edges, Curves and so on, then this I fixed yesterday. It’ll be in the next public WIP release.

Thank you for testing and reporting your feedback. Much appreciated!


Hi Nathan,

BUILD : I am using the 6.0.17031.12411, 31/01/2017 WIP.
PROCEDURALS-BITMAPS : perhaps this is because I didn’t specify mappings, or maybe because my objects are all blocks, and they are not properly managed ; block management has become a complete mess in V6.
SHADOW INTENSITY : I understand that this setting doesn’t make much sense in an unbiased render engine.
How about greying the option when the active window is in “Raytraced” mode ?
GREYED OUT OPTIONS : in some view styles, it is already the case. Technical, for instance has way less options than other styles (maybe too few by the way).
RATRACED SETTINGS VANISH : well, I’ll check out the next WIP. I used to wait for them eagerly in the Rhino V4 and V5 times. Nowadays, it’s a bit disheartening because the block management was broken and just doesn’t get fixed which really pisses me off.

In the possible bug list, I’d like to add that I can’t make any sense of the way the little padlock and pause button at the bottom of the viewport work. Be they toggled on or off, the view can still be rotated and the render is re-started.


You shouldn’t have to specify mappings. Just adding a new procedural or bitmap on i.e. color channel uses the defaults that should work just fine.

Earlier today (about two hours ago) I fixed the HUD controls (pause/play and the lock/unlock parts). How they should work:

And UI polish will definitely happen. I’ve created to track clean-up of Raytraced view mode options in the Options dialog.


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Hi Nathan, thanks for the quick and neatly documented answer.
It’s nice to see some fresh blood at McNeel.

You’re welcome. And as always, keep the reports coming in. I hadn’t really looked into the options dialog before now, because I don’t use that, so your reporting of the problem was useful!

Fresh blood… am I allowed to believe I’m still young, too?

Well, you sure look younger than me on your Youtube channel picture anyway :slight_smile:
I’ll send you a sample file and if it’s OK with you, I’d like you to check if you see any trouble with applying materials on blocks with something slightly more complicated than a cube.


You can upload using . Use my e-mail address in the recipient field.

Probably a good idea to write in the comments that it is about assigning materials to blocks, so I know what it is about.

Thank you in advance for your help!


p.s. I have heard that asians at some point stop showing that they age - I am half-indonesian…

RH-37927 is fixed in the latest WIP

@nathanletwory - any updated scheduling that can be shared re Cycles inside the Mac WIP?


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No updates regarding this just yet. Status is still: In The Future.

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