Cycles for Rhino

You could try increasing the glossy sample amount. Through RhinoCycles_SetRenderOptions set glossy_samples 2, 3 or 4. Larger amounts are probably not worth the increased render times.

Please tell me what setting gives acceptable results. I can adjust defaults for the different quality settings for a next WIP update.

I’ll make the preview rendering honor the CPU/CUDA setting as well.

I’ve fixed preview rendering to use user setting of CPU vs CUDA. I also fixed some of its material problems. These fixes will be available in the next WIP update.

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It just ignores the glossy_sample setting.
BUT if I adjust the diffues_sample then it updates the glossy_sample value to that exact same value.
It doesn’t affect the render though. So can you check if this is a UI glitch?

Not a UI glitch, but PEBCAK (problem existed between chair and keyboard). Meaning my copy-paste-fu wasn’t strong when I did that. Also known as: I created a bug.

I’m making some changes that will set glossy and diffuse samples based on quality settings. This will removing user control for now, until I find a better way of giving that control to the user.

I’m leaning towards the following settings: diffuse, transmission & glossy samples same count:

  • low: 1
  • normal: 2
  • good: 3
  • final: 4

Hashing out of final defaults will take more time. Like for good and final we’ll probably want more bounces of rays around the scene so we could get better GI etc. so please keep the feedback coming!

For now above sampling changes have been committed.

on this topic again: are the reflections from a environment texture? If so then the bitmap evaluator may need some better sampling…

Ah, good to know it wasn’t an ID-10T error then… :slight_smile:

I look forward to testing out the new settings. Will you include a custom setting as well, where we can override the values? I like that ability.

Also a wish is to have the ability to hit a “continue calculating” option. I understand this is memory consuming, so it would require a memory dump when a new render is started. But I can imagine quite a few scenarios where continuing “low” would be good enough for many.

And having shortcuts and icons (like the Brazil toolbar) for rendering low, normal, good and final results would be nice in the end, when everything else is up and running.

Edit: I found that the white none aliased parts came from the sun… Didn’t remember that I had it turned on. So can you see if there are any thing that can be done for that?

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I added it on your request. I’ve made a very short screen cast that I posted in another thread. Hopefully this does what you want.

This will have to go on the long-term wish list. This has been a request for Cycles (and Blender) since before I worked on a render farm.

Yup, when I get to it :smile:

Aha, will have to check on that.

Did a small test to see how the material types works with Cycles.
And it’s quite Quite nice I must say.

Final quality:

Good quality:

Edit: By the way, the model was downloaded from here:

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This one keeps me awake at nights :tired_face:

Does anyone know of a rendering engine that supports lighting inside a clipped cross section? (Other than the Rhino display modes, that is).

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Sorry, no clip planes yet. It’s reported on youtrack though, so it is on the list :slight_smile: No idea yet on any time-line for this

Didn’t you say that it had to be implemented in the Cycles base core? I understood that to be the common Blender / Rhino /. . . code that the Rhino wishlist doesn’t have anything to do with.

It’s on the Maxwell wishlist but that still means a high probability of many years ahead with the utmost reluctance for rendering cross sections.

It has to be implemented in Cycles core code indeed, but nothing prevents us from doing so ourselves. It is on our todo-list. If someone in the Blender/Cycles community gets the idea to implement it, and completes the job before we get to it, then yay. If not, we’ll have to continue working hard on our current tasks so we can get to it as soon as possible (not very, enough to do with viewport integration still :slight_smile: )




Yes, I remembered that one right after I went to bed :no_mouth:
And that’s what I wrote last time I brought this up:

I’ve had Brazil for ever now and try it once in a while without getting my head around it… One would think this is a good incentive to finally learn how to get anything useful out of it. Oh well…

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Any chance we’ll see this for the Mac version? Cycles is my render engine of choice and it’d be sweet to not have to export / import / assign mats just to get a render…

Part of our work is to ensure we can port the RDK (Rendering SDK) to the Mac. That is the crucial part of the work that needs to be done. Getting the plug-in up and running once that port work is completed should be matter of a day or two.

So, eventually we’ll have this on the Mac as well :slight_smile:


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But only on the Rhino 6 platform - it won’t ever run in Rhino 5 for Mac.

Ah yes, I took that bit of knowledge for granted - sorry


Sorry, trying to catch up on this matter. In my latest download of Rhino WIP, there are no other choices than RhinoRender as a render engine. Is cycles not included?

the raytraced mode in viewport uses Cycles engine. I don’t think a plugin is planned for release with V6. But, it is in parallel development available on github AFAIK.

Indeed no official plug-in for Cycles yet, but as @raja mentions Raytraced is the same Cycles engine. Just not through _Render command. Otherwise it is the very same codebase.


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