Cycles focal distance from NamedView

Dear Rhino pros

I’m really enjoying the new features with Cycles in R7 - especially PBR. My question relates to focal distance and camera blur - I know I can set these per view under ‘Focal Blur’ for each camera, but I can also set them as effects on the render panel. It seems like these two settings are disconnected and it’s either one or the other - do I have that right?

Using the ‘Render’ command is great, because then I can use the Nvidia denoiser (which is fantastic), but I now need to reset focal distance for every camera view on every render. Do I have this right or am I missing something?

They are indeed separate. The focal blur is actual rendered. The DoF effect is a post-process effect.

I believe named views save only the view transforms.

Maybe snapshots save more data for views.

Great, thank you, I see they are actually saved under normal Named Views - I guess because they’re part of camera settings. Just needed to take the F-stop WAY down to have the same level effect.

Focal blur is saved with NamedView. I often make use of this.