Cycles crashes during material changes


i´ve made a new thread since i did not want to clutter up the existing ones showing new features.

With my device set to GPU (using Tahiti chip) i can repeat a crash which happens after adding a metal material and changing the Polish value (drag slider from Polished towards Rough).

One more crash using the custom material: if i assign a texture to it`s texture slot, then change the texture to a different one, Rhino often just closes. Both happens with version 6.0.16110.11401.


That is a build still with the ‘old’ system. Two days ago I merged a re-architected
version of the viewport rendering code based on work by @andy. This patch also
should fix quite many crashes related to changing data in the scene while a
render is in progress in the viewport.

Hopefully a new Rhino WIP build will go out next week in which you should be able to
have better stability.

That said, I haven’t tested the OpenCL rendering on AMD cards much with the new
system, so it may be still that there’s work to do there. I will test more when I can. I’ll
be doing that on my own Tahiti cards (R9 280x I think is in the machine).

Thanks for testing and reporting btw!

edit: I’m now ticking off some smaller reports to clear up my todo list before release, next week I’ll be working on shaders again.


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@clement, a quick test with my Tahiti on the latest dev sources:

Seems pretty stable now :slight_smile:


Cool … and fast :slight_smile: Hopefully the blurry font problem gets resolved sooner or later. I’m looking forward to the next wip.


It is on the list :slight_smile: