Cycles CPU - GPU render times exactly the same...?

I was just experimenting with my ancient computer here - 4th Gen i7 and a 980 Ti 6Gb - going back and forth between CPU and GPU on a raytraced viewport to see which might be faster - everything else being the same. Funny thing is I get the exact same render time to the second to completion (1000 samples) for either. That can’t be a coincidence, can it?

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I don’t think you should rely on these 0-1000 count.

Try rendering to file. _ViewCaptureToFile

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Ah, OK, looks like you’re right about that, the CPU (running at 90%) takes about 2.3 times as long… Thanks.

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Are you toggling the viewport after switching render device? You should, as setting render device while a viewport is already running a Raytraced session will not automagically restart on the newly set device. No need to use ViewCaptureTo* commands that way.

You can always find out what your render device is in the viewport by clicking on the name Raytraced (Cycles) in the HUD to toggle showing of the render device as part of that name string. That way you can be sure of the render device being used.

LOL, that explains my experience with that same test :rofl:

Isn’t there a way to put a button to restart the viewport?

Sure, just create a macro button that sets active viewport mode to Wireframe, followed by setting to Raytraced.

Put this in a button:

'_SetDisplayMode _Viewport=_Active _Mode=_Wireframe _SetDisplayMode _Viewport=_Active _Mode=_Raytraced

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I meant a button inside the viewport like the current pause button and the padlock, but whatever.

You didn’t say that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: A button on your toolbar will currently be available as soon as you make it, and need no change in the RealtimeDisplayMode pipeline. Something on the HUD may or may not work, at least not the most straightforward job.

How come?

I recall you describing this (that you have to change the view more) as a bug. At least when using the GH plugin.

Not sure what discussion you refer to, but reason is code. Note that I didn’t say it can’t be done. It is just that the button on your toolbar can be there Right Now. On the HUD… I don’t know when.

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