Cycle Selection Not Showing With Some Groups

Grouping Cycle Selection Issue.3dm (31.2 KB)

Part 1: The two lines on the left are part of a group. There is a third line on top of the leftmost line. If you click on the left line it cycles through the possible selections: the group or the since line.

Part 2: The right 3 lines contain two groups. One group is the left most 2 lines of the 3 and the other group is the right most 2 lines of the 3. If you click on the left or the right lines it shows the group memberships.

Issue / Feature Change:
When you click on the middle line it automatically selects the group that the line was last associated with. The user does not even know it’s a member of a second group. In my opinion, it should cycle through the group selections just like the left most 2 lines in Part 1. This would make the user aware that the object is part of multiple groups and it allows the user to select the group they want.

Got that, thanks.
RH-70048 Selection: Choose one group


Thanks for adding this.