Cyberstrak plugin

@Peter_Salzman How is it licensed, per person or machine? I have three users and five devices.

I would also vote for using the Zoo licensing scheme.

Hi @EricM the license is currently per person. But if you contact me directly (see Cyberstrak - Software Entwickler aus Markkleeberg) we can discuss a solution for you. Currently I do not want to spend much efforts on the licensing, Zoo support may come at a later stage.

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dude this is so awesome! :sunglasses: :smiley:

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Peter, please give a closer look a more serious consideration to cloud zoo licensing. Floating licensing in cloud zoo just works. I do not have to worry about which users or computers are running. If we run out of licenses I can see it, and I just buy more to add to the group.

Dealing with anything else is just not worth our time when we have over 10 years and many with more than one computer.




I’m on my way to explore this plugin and I’ve noticed some UI stuff that needs fixing:
Some icons are missing description and Match Curve on Surface reads as Makro 11.
See also here:
I am not happy with the icons being blurry but this could be local issue. The choice of colours is not very fortunate (personal opinion). They are not contrast enough to become distinguished.

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@Piotr, you are right, looks like a localization problem. “Makro” was not replaced by text on some locations… Will fix it withe next update.

Gustavo, I completely understand that you do not want any proprietary license solution. At the moment Cloud Zoo is not yet supported, and the current dev priority goes more to basic geometric and handling improvements. But if you contact me directly (see above) we can discuss a solution for you that is more simple than you would expect.

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That sounds great Peter! I’m sure we can find a way that works for everyone. I’ll contact you directly. Thx

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