CW vs CCW 180 degree Arcs

How can I distinguish between CW and CCW arcs of 180 degrees by looking at the data? For example, if I draw 2 arcs with center (0,0,0), start (-1,1 0) and end (1,-1,0), Rhino can tell the difference between a CW arc through (1,1,0) and a CCW arc through (-1,-1,0), but “Details” or the output of “What” look the same for these cases.

5.0 Wenatchee 2014-03-05 (505)

This post seems to have been forgotten. You likely already found the answer to your question. Does the “Dir” command help or does it have to be based on the object’s data?

I was looking for a way to use a script to generate GCode. “Dir” shows me direction, but I don’t know how to gather it in a script.

You probably want to get the arc midpoint, which will allow you to distinguish between the two arcs… --Mitch

Thanks, Mitch.