Cv point lines

Morning Pascal, when CV points are on, you all have created those dashed lines to see their relationship with other points, yes? My question is , can you make those same dashed lines, as your manipulating points to see how they will look through that manipulation process? Also maybe dashed lines somewhat more bold? Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark - the ‘control polygon’ display is set per display mode (Options > View > “Display mode name” > Objects page > Control polygon usage. Does that set what you need? I prefer solid lines for the polygon, myself, at two pixels and largish control points.


I wasnt aware if that ability. Thought I would get it from the Master. Thanks,Mark

Hi Pascal, I found what you suggested. Works fine, thanks. The other question was in having 2 polygon control lines. The existing one and the one that you wish to move to while. So the way it works now is, pick a control point , it gets highlighted , begin to move it and polygon line connected to that point dissappears until unselected, then reappears. Is there a way to make it continually active or move with new location before deselecting it? The visibility helps sometimes in seeing that line in motion. I get it from VSR. Nothing new , but wondered . —Mark