Cutting surfaces with a series of rectangles

Good morning everyone,

I have a problem with making windows for a tower. My facades are made from 4x4 metre square modules, within each square I have to make rectangular windows measuring 100x200 centimetres, centred with respect to the horizontal axis and equidistant both from the edges and from each other (distance from the side edges is equal to the distance between windows).

After creating a rectangular surface of the desired dimensions with “Plane Surface”, I copied it to form a sequence of windows, which were then projected onto the surfaces I wanted to cut (as in the attached photo).

However, when I try to cut the surface it gives me an error with every tool I usually use to cut. I would like to kindly ask if anyone would know how to solve this situation.

To summarise my question in one sentence: how can I cut the red surface with the green rectangles?

To make it easier to locate the branch of the affected algorithm, I upload two additional photos. (63.4 KB)

Looks related to this thread?

Hi Joseph! Yes, it’s the same project but it’s a different topic, so I thought I’d split the thread so as not to make it too confusing. Was I wrong? Do you think it’s better to stay within the same thread next time?

No, that’s fine. Given the work I did in that thread though, this looks trivial. Can’t do it yourself?

It appears to me that you ignored the work I did in the other thread, even though I can see my work in this file. Too bad because there are some useful bits there, which I used for this. (82.5 KB)

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