Cutting surface with object


I’m trying to cut a surface with a object which is projected onto the surface, the surface must be 0,5 m from the edges and the objects.

Some times it works and sometimes not. What might be the problem? I have tried to flip the curves without luck. (43.2 KB)


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Not really sure if this is what you’re after. Solid union isn’t the right tool for surfaces. In this case, you can use Region Difference directly with the offset curve output. (41.3 KB)

Thank you @martinsiegrist! Sometimes the surfaces are at different level, then brep|plane component won’t work. Any suggestions for solving this? I tried linking a plane for each surface, still not working.

With the inputs at different levels, I also ran into the issue with the curves not offset in the right direction. However this is not a big deal. Here’s an updated solution (50.7 KB)

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Woah, perfect. Thank you so much Martin. Next i need to figure out how to also have the surfaces at different levels. But that shall be another day!

Much appreciated.

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could be improved but it works (55.6 KB)

Outstanding, worked like a charm. Thank you again!

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