Cutting strips along a tubbed spiral

I am trying to get the lines sweep along the spiral in order to split my tube.
The idea is to get different materials on Keyshot.

I tried to arrange the lines along the curve of the spiral and then use it as cross sections for my sweep.

Which command will allow me to get different surfaces cutting the tube in the same direction and turning of my spiral curve ?

Uploaded the file ! thanks

Forum.3dm (4.1 MB)

if you would build those surfaces out of 2 continous surfaces, then you could split with option isocurve. to achieve that duplicate the 2 edges along the side and join them since they are split into several parts then use RebuildCrvNonUniform for example and sweep2 both surfaces voila

I will try it right away thanks. I did it with booleans and that is the reason why I did not get the continuous surfaces.

In this case I do not know what you mean. My " star " is intersecting in every part of the surfaces.