Cutting polygon with different weights


I am wondering how to cut the polygon into pieces with different weights in Rhino, any idea about that?

  1. How to cut the polygon without weightings?
  2. With weightings?

1023_geometry.3dm (28.0 KB)


Appreciate if there is any idea.


I think you are looking for a weighted voronoi diagram or something similar

I would start by dividing the polygon into N equal parts, where N is the sum of all the weights to be considered (or a multiple of that)

then each Nth polygon part should be assigned to each point until achieving its final weight?

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There’s a nice simple way of finding the area of a polygon by taking the signed length of the cross product of the vectors from any point to the start and end of each segment.
If you discretize your curve into many segments, you can use this to make a slice with any given fraction of the total area. Here I’ve shown for a single slice, but it should be possible to extend the same principle to multiple slices (16.5 KB)