Cutting Plane is Distorting Viewport

Every time I use the Clipping plane the view port

distorts the axis with these color bars which make showing my work impossible. I have already tried re-installing the software.


Hello -

please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/paste the results here.

Sorry, I missed that this is for the Mac. That command is not in V5 for mac.


Rhino 6 SR16 2019-7-16 (Public Build, 6.16.19197.13284, Git hash:master @ 007ddfea645de8e7b1a90e433246ed90f938d0b7)
License type: Beta, build 2019-07-16
License details: Cloud Zoo. In use by: Jared Gerbig ()
Expires on: 2019-08-30

Apple Intel 64-bit macOS Version 10.14 (Build 18A391) (Physical RAM: 12Gb)
Mac Model Identifier: MacPro6,1
Machine name: Jared’s Mac Pro
Language: en-US (MacOS default)

AMD Radeon HD - FirePro D300 OpenGL Engine (OpenGL ver:4.1 ATI-2.0.36)

OpenGL Settings
Safe mode: Off
Use accelerated hardware modes: On
Redraw scene when viewports are exposed: On

Anti-alias mode: 4x
Mip Map Filtering: Linear
Anisotropic Filtering Mode: Height

Vendor Name: ATI Technologies Inc.
Render version: 4.1
Shading Language: 4.10
Maximum Texture size: 16384 x 16384
Z-Buffer depth: 24 bits
Maximum Viewport size: 16384 x 16384
Total Video Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: AMD FirePro D300
Displays: Thunderbolt Display (109dpi 1x)

Graphics processors
AMD FirePro D300 (2048 MB)
Thunderbolt Display (2560 x 1440)
AMD FirePro D300 (2048 MB)

USB devices
Apple Inc.: Bluetooth USB Host Controller
Apple Inc.: FaceTime HD Camera (Display)
Apple Inc.: Apple Thunderbolt Display
Apple Inc.: Display Audio
Logitech: USB Receiver
Apple Inc.: iPhone

Bluetooth devices
Apple: Apple Wireless Keyboard

Third party kernel extensions

Third party plugins

Rhino plugins
/Applications/ “RhinoCycles” 6.16.19197.13284
/Applications/ “Snapshots” 6.16.19197.1002
/Applications/ “Grasshopper” 6.16.19197.13284
/Applications/ “PanelingTools” 6.16.19197.1002
/Applications/ “AnimationTools” 6.16.19197.1002
/Applications/ “Commands” 6.16.19197.13284
/Applications/ “Renderer Development Kit” 6.16.19197.1002
/Applications/ “RDK_EtoUI” 6.16.19197.13284
/Applications/ “Displacement” 6.16.19197.1002
/Applications/ “Named Position” 6.16.19197.1002
/Applications/ “IronPython” 6.16.19197.13284
/Applications/ “Rhino Render” 6.16.19197.1002

Just FYI this wasnt Rhino 5 it was Rhino 6 for mac Beta. System Info posted above