Cutting Line

Hello everyone.

Have a quick question about line cutting. I am not sure what is the correct term for what I am looking
for. Every product for those lines showing how the parts are put
together. Maybe it is called the parting lines or parting cut. For
example, if you look at the cellphone from the back, there is a cut line
to remove the battery cover. How do you make a cut on an object and
even make a cut on the curve objects.

Another example is a car, like the line cut to make the door.

Thanks for any advice!

Have a look at the ApplyShutLining command

Thanks for your help!

I will look into it.

While I am in the cutting line subject, I have another question which is similar to the Shut Lining command.

Is there a way to cut an object and control the depth of the cut? I would like to cut a piece of shape from a solid object but still keep the cut shape from the object or curve object.

Example of a car again, I am creating a front head light of the car. I need to cut that shape and later apply the Glass material to cover the head light. I need to cut the head light section about .25" of an inch.

I know how to make a hole for the headlight but working on the Glass headlight cover for the car.

Thanks again!