Cutting holes in a panelized screen

I am pretty new to grasshopper am I am trying to create a parametric panelized mesh screen with ciruclar cutouts. I have managed to panalize the curved sruface of the facade and project the circular cutouts onto the panels, however I can’t quite work out how to get the circles to be cut out of the panels?

Also on the edge panels, the circles dont seem to distribute evenly as on the full panels.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
Screen (7.3 KB) Screen 1.3dm (8.6 MB)

Hello ,
Cool Facade, your issue is the data tree mismatch, since you are paneling, dividing and sub-dividing, usually generate complex data structure. please find the attached revised GH definition, be careful with surface split since it may take around 1 minute to calculate.
Screen (18.0 KB)


Welcome @LizW,

Seems like @tay.alrawi was faster! :slight_smile:

I’ve given the panels a thickness and extruded the circles to closed cylinders to subtract them!

Screen (14.1 KB)



Thanks so much for everyones help x

@diff-arch is there a way to cut/trim the panels you have created so they follow the original shape of the facade I had but filter the holes so the ones that are cut but the edge are not used?

Also if anyone wants another challenge I am now trying to figues out a way to create a gradation in the size of the holes so they get smaller as the get lower to the ground using attractor points/curve…

Thanks again everyone

Not a challenge at all. Trivial, no attractor required, just the Z coordinate of the points.

Is there a way to filter the circles so they appear staggered?
I assume you would need to filter every second point but do I need to reorganise the list first?

how do you scale using the z coordinate? (9.5 KB)

Yes, seems like I missed that in my original post. Now, I’ve got rid of all the PanellingTools components, because they are not necessary, and even make it more difficult to solve this, because they return too clean data trees.

It’s a little hard to tell what you mean by “staggered”, but I’ve integrated a method using hexagonal grids to distribute the circle centers on the panels. If you want a more random approach, simply substitute it for @Joseph_Oster’s random proposal above.

Seems like all of this was more of a challenge for you than us here. :wink:

Screen (40.0 KB)

My post was a quick illustration of how to scale circles based on the Z coordinate of points, not a proposal for using random points instead of a staggered grid.

This post answers two of the questions in your DUPLICATE THREAD: (46.2 KB)

This (white group) implements “staggered rows” by moving them plus or minus the max radius. (59.5 KB)

It takes about 20 seconds. No plugins.