Cutting angles

I’m trying to make a foundation for a walk way. I;m using angle iron as the foundation. I extrude the curves into a solid. And then at then ends of the extrusion I’m trying to cut/remove material at 45 degree angle. I can’t figure out how to do this any ideas? or suggestion

Make a plane at the end of the object (you could extract a copy of the existing end face and untrim and scale it up), rotate it 45° and use it to trim the bar. Cap the bar or use it to trim the plane and join.

If it’s straight extrusions you’re using then just draw a line in plan and rotate it 45 degrees and snap it to the end of your extrusions… Just make sure you have extruded them longer than you need. Use the trim command and make sure you have apparent intersections turned on.

If it’s a solid, use the same method but use a cube and then subtract one from the other with the difference boolean on the solids drop down menu.

If it’s a curved extrusion then either draw a line from the centre of the arc to bisect it perpendicular to the curve or use the perp osnap command to get a straight edge and then use the same steps as the two points above but rotate the cutting object through 45 degrees.

It always pays to work with project selected from the osnap group, that way you know that all your curves are on the same plane, you can snap to ends and also draw things tangent to one another.

Hope that helps.

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