Cutting a solid with a surface

Okay, I really really did try and figure this out and tried a bunch of things but after two hours trying to do something I bet is super simple, I need to ask for help. I just want to cut the solid with the surface.

CuttingSolid.3dm (49.3 KB)

Hi Raymond,

I tried and made it (given that I understood what you were trying to do).

  • Extend the cutting surfaces
  • by first selecting each of them and set CPlane to Object.
  • Then select the edges and extrude them (up and down, and away from the ends)
  • (I also joined the extruded surfaces)
  • The Split (with BOTH surfaces selected, otherwise it won’t cut).

Like so:
Select cutting surface to be extended, and align the CPlane :

Extrude in three directions and join (I also run MergeAllSurfaces) :

Now, split :

Done (a valid Solid)

// Rolf

The resulting model :
CuttingSolid 001.3dm (60.8 KB)

As Rolf suggests, using surfaces that are larger than the thing you’re trying to cut works best.

In this instance you could use the command SolidPtOn and move the end points of the solid to match the edges of your surface without having to trim it.


Hm - that just worked here… Select the solid, start Split, select the internal polysurface, Enter. Or, select the internal polysurface, start Trim , then click on the part of the solid to remove,


Thank you all!

pascal…the two methods you suggest end up removing the bottom surface of the solid so that it is no longer a closed solid. I assume there is a command to ‘close’ the solid? Or to merge the surface which was used to cut onto the open solid to close it?

I patched the opening with the command “Surface from 3 or 4 corner points”. (Two such surfaces, of course)

// Rolf

Hi Raymond - in this case, Join the cutter to the trimmed object, since the edges line up nicely, or BooleanSplit or Boolean2Objects will work instead of Trim or Split & Join



Thanks again to all!